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Sex and relationships are an important part of life and just like we need to look after our physical and mental health, we also need to take care of our sexual health. In order to do this we need to know everything there is to know about our bodies, sex, infections, contraception, pregnancies and so on. Often this will include breaking down some of the myths about sex and relationships that are all around us. For example, less than 1/3 of young people have sex before they are 16 and even after the first time many people wait before having sex again. Choosing not to have sex is a perfectly valid option and saying No can sometimes be empowering.

Whilst having sex should always be a positive experience for both partners, it can also lead to catching an infection or becoming pregnant without wanting to. Condoms are really effective at preventing both infections, such as Chlamydia, and unwanted pregnancies and should be used every time you have sex. To provide ideal protection against unwanted pregnancies, young women should also consider using an additional form of contraception, long lasting and reliable methods like an implant or injection are ideal.


A comprehensive list of sexual health services for young people in Sheffield

Where can I get free condoms?

Young men and women can get condoms, lube and dams free of charge from a number of places across the city


Young girls are being offered a vaccination against HPV which provides effective protection against cervical cancer

I think I might be pregnant

It’s important to have a pregnancy test as soon as possible. Free tests are available from your local sexual health service, where you can also get advice on pregnancy options

I think I might be gay

Coming to terms with being Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual can be a difficult experience as a young person. Having someone to talk to and getting the right support often has a positive impact


Having positive and equal relationships are central to our health and wellbeing and how we see ourselves. It may sometimes to be necessary to review our relationships by asking ourselves some key questions

Sexual problems

Difficulties around sex are common for young people. Some problems go away by themselves whilst others need treatment. Specialist services are available to offer help

Are you ready for sex?

There is no set age for when you must start having sex and lots of young people wait long after their 16th birthday. The important thing is that both partners feel ready for having sex

I need someone to talk to

At times you may want to have a chat about your sexual health, perhaps to get some information about keeping safe or advice about a relationship issue. You can come to one of the sexual health services for a face to face chat or if you prefer to have a phone conversations there are helplines available